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Your Continuing Education class on Mold Remediation was very good.  It brought up areas we never would consider when dealing with a claim/client.

-Dan, Pentwater

ServiceMaster Lakeshore Testimonials

  •  The person that came to our home was friendly and helpful. -Rich

  • I appreciate that Service Master has been able to have the same cleaning technician come to my home the past 2 cleanings and said they try and assign the same person as much as possible. The carpet cleaning is so well done! -Montelle

  • Wasn't there when they were cleaned, but you guys did a wonderful job and were on time, which is nice these days.


  • You always schedule a time that is convenient for me. You always call me after the service is complete to make sure that I am happy with the outcome. I have and will recommend you to others.

    Deni, Muskegon

  • ServiceMaster Lakeshore; what a great experience! Denise was friendly and able to assist with our needs from the very first phone call. Kevin did an amazing job and was friendly and considerate of our surroundings. I will definitely contact you again in the future! Thank you for a job well done!




  •  We have had ServiceMaster Lakeshore clean the carpets in several of our foreclosed homes and you are very prompt and given the fact that we call when we have very dirty carpets, I know you do the best you can to get the stains out and deodorize. I also feel that we are given fair prices. Thank you.

    -Community Shores Bank


  • Dear Lindsey,

    I can't thank you enough for the excellent service I received last week when the torrents of rain caused seepage in our basement.

    I was greated on the phone by Lori.  She could have sent people out immediately to remove the water, but instead asked how serious the damage was, was there carpet, furniture, etc.  After assessing the situation, she informed me that they could come now but it would be after hours making the price quite a bit more than if I could wait until the next day.  I thanked her and made an appointment for the next day.

    The next morning, Cindy called from your office and confirmed my appointment, but suggested that a lot more rain was expected that day it would take about 8 hours for it to show more damage...would I like to move my service call to the next day in order to not have them come back again? I was so pleased!!

    Then Cindy proceeded to tell me some things I could do to start the drying process, all things that a person nursing a bad back could handle.  I did as she suggested and the water was gone before my scheduled appointment the next day.

    Thank you for using your expertise to benefit your customers.  It is sure to keep them loyal.

    Robin Fraker

  • We have utilized the services of ServiceMaster Lakeshore extensively in the last several years and are pleased to recommend their services.

    Two years ago, we experienced a devastating fire in our facility.  Within twenty-four hours John Patrick, the owner of ServiceMaster Lakeshore, was on-site to determine our needs and to identify the most efficient means of getting our company back in operation.  Once our insurance claims representative gave them approval, they were on-site the next day.  Their crew was efficient, thorough, and professional.  Their attention to detail made a traumatic situation manageable.  John even helped to coordinate sub-contractors that he wasn't responsible for; all in the name of providing the best possible end product.  They never failed to exceed our expectations.

    Integrity is a badly underused word these days, especially in business.  We believe it is important.  People either have it, want it, or don't know what it is.  John Patrick and his organization have it and it is part of their foundation.

    It is without reservation that I can recommend ServiceMaster Lakeshore for any project they may choose to undertake. 

    Steve Wooldridge, Michigan Shippers

  • This came from a friend of our's...his nephew loves our services.

    Hi Uncle Matt,

    We had ServiceMaster Lakeshore out today to clean our carpets and some chairs and sofa.  I wasn't here and I'm not sure who they sent but, this guy did an unbelievable job on our carpet.  Even better than last year.  This guy worked our hallway, which has a pretty good wear pattern in it, until it looked like it was brand new! Incredible!  We are going to have them back this fall when we are ready to put the house up for sale and have them do the whole house, upstairs, downstairs and all of our furniture.  2 HUGE thumbs up.

    Thanks Again for recommending ServiceMaster Lakeshore.  We couldn't be happier. 

    Brent Pike, Grand Haven

  • Brian and the whole ServiceMaster team did a great job for me.  Everyone I worked with was polite, helpful, and prompt.  He explained all that he was going to do and also recommended some options that I was unaware they provided.  I did get the the clean I expected and the service I deserved.  I would recommend ServiceMaster to anyone looking for courteous and professional service.  Thanks to the whole team for a job well done!!  As Arnold Swartzenager once said, "I'll be back."

    Dan Betz, Muskegon