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536 Oak St.
Ferrysburg, MI 49409
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Phone: (616) 842-3131
Toll Free: 1-800-676-3131
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House Fire.jpeg  Fire Damage Cleaning :

  Whether your home or business has been through a fire, or your dog got into a fight with a skunk, ServiceMaster Lakeshore can clean and deodorize your home to get you back to where you were before the incident. 


Water Damage CleaningFlooded House.jpeg :

Floods, overflowing dishwashers, and washing machines all cause water damage.  ServiceMaster Lakeshore will come in promptly to take care of the damage, before the water causes any more.   

Mold.jpeg  Mold Remediation :

Mold is not only ugly and smelly, but can also be dangerous to your health.  ServiceMaster Lakeshore has experience in Mold Remediation and will get it out before you have anything to worry about.   


Trauma/Vandalism Cleaning:vandalism.jpg

If there is an unexpected trauma or vandalism in your home or business, you should'nt have to take care of it yourself.  ServiceMaster Lakeshore will come in and make it look like it never happened.


sewer back up.jpg  Sewer Back-up Cleaning:

A sewer back-up can be dangerous if not taken care of properly.  At ServiceMaster Lakeshore, we have an experienced and knowledgeable staff you can trust.


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